Express Your Inner Petty-ness with the ‘My Therapist Said I Could Be Petty’ T-Shirt

Express Your Inner Petty-ness with the ‘My Therapist Said I Could Be Petty’ T-Shirt-God Ain't Petty But I Am

At our shop, we always strive to offer products that will make you laugh and get people’s attention. That’s why when we designed our t-shirt that says “My therapist said I could be petty”, we knew it was the perfect product for all of us!


Do you ever just feel like being a little bit extra? Like sending your boss an email about how much better you are than them or talking behind someone’s back? Well now you can do it with complete social approval and even a sense of pride! With this t-shirt, you can show off your inner tendency to be spontaneous and mischievous while maintaining your integrity.


This shirt is made from the highest quality cotton and is printed with a unique design that will turn heads. It’s comfortable, stylish and perfect for any situation - whether you’re out for drinks with friends or walking your dog around the neighborhood. And it’s affordable too!


We know that everyone has an inner “petty-ness” that needs to be expressed in order to stay sane. With this t-shirt, you can finally let your inner self shine without embarassing yourself or others. So get one now and join the ranks of those who are proudly embracing their petty sides! Who knows, it might even help you make some new friends along the way.


So why wait? Get your own My therapist said I could be petty t-shirt now and show the world that you can be a bit mischievous while still keeping it classy. It’s the perfect statement piece for any wardrobe! And, if nothing else, it will make you smile every time you wear it. So get yours today and let your inner pettiness shine!


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