Jen Jasper aka The Petty Ambasssador is proof that pettiness is a superpower.

With over a decade of entrepreneurship experience, Jen is the owner of 2 clothing brands, ENjEN DESIGN and God Ain’t Petty But I Am®️.

Jen knew she struck gold when she first uttered the words “God ain’t petty, but I am®️” while leading a young adult bible study session at her church. Her students’ reaction to the phrase told her that it belonged on a shirt and the rest is history.

She launched God Ain’t Petty But I Am®️ in August 2020, and the company has seen explosive growth under her leadership. Thanks to her marketing expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, she was able to rent a salon suite in May 2021, hired 2 employees in October 2021. Since then, her team has moved into a 1,500 sq ft t-shirt shop... now called The Petty Shop.

Through it all, Jen has trusted in God’s timing and never doubted that He’s always looking out for his pettiest soldiers.

Despite expanding her solo T-shirt venture into a thriving business with three employees and achieving $1,000,000 in lifetime sales over the past three years, Jen takes the greatest pride in the vibrant community she has fostered through the God Ain’t Petty But I Am®️ brand. An endless source of petty creativity, Jen has been dropping fresh new designs for the Petty Pew every single week since December 2021. She loves that her designs give people a chance to show off their pettiness, make people laugh and spark conversation.

An in-demand speaker and source of inspiration for fellow entrepreneurs, Jen is well-versed in a number of topics including running a T-shirt brand, advertising and marketing. Send a message to learn more about how Jen can share her entrepreneurial and design expertise with your audience and for details on how you can support God Ain’t Petty But I Am.