Shipping Policy

Effective October 23, 2022


Q: What is your current production time?

A: New orders are usually shipped within 10-14 business days. You will receive your tracking number at that time. Once shipped, orders are usually received within 5-7 business days for US destinations. International orders usually take a few weeks to arrive.



Q: Do you offer rush delivery options?

A: We do not currently offer the option to rush an order. We process orders in the order they are received.  



Q: Can you remove the price when shipping the order for a gift?

A: The order ships with a pack list that does not contain the price.



Q: My order appears stuck in “pre-shipment.” What should I do?

A: Orders are usually dropped at the post office Monday - Friday. If your order is still in “pre-shipment” after 3 business days, please email with your order number and issue.



Q: My order appears stuck “in transit.” What should I do?

A: If your order’s tracking does not update for 2 weeks, we will send another order. Please email with your order number and issue.



Q: I only received part of my order. Where is the rest of my order?

A: Depending on your order, you may receive multiple mail pieces. Adult clothing, stickers, buttons, and journals ship from the same location. Tote bags, mugs, mouse pads, and children’s clothing ship independently.

Q: The tracking information shows delivered, but I have not received it. What should I do?

A: Occasionally, the post office will mark an order “delivered” before making the delivery. If you don't have your order within 5 business days of the “delivered date,” please email with your order number, issue, and mailing address.

Q: My order was returned to sender. What should I do?

A: If the post office returns your order, we will issue a refund or reship the item. A $10.95 processing fee will apply to refunds, and a $10.95 reshipping fee will apply to reshipments to a different address. Since we offer free shipping on all US orders, we charge a processing fee for returns.